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Here at Picker’s, we are all about helping local communities in their quest for health and wellness in America. We do this by aiding the development of educational agriculture and local food production in America. By creating sustainable ecosystems capable of producing healthy, cost effective food for the community, within the same community, we establish strong foundations for effecting positive change from the inside, out.



Today a majority of the food you eat is produced at an industrial scale. By producing food the same way we make automobiles, modern industrial farming techniques have achieved unprecedented levels of food production at a relatively low cost. However through this process we are left with nutrient deficient fruits and vegetables grown in an environmentally damaging and highly toxic way. Over decades of use and abuse of these methods, we also see higher quality and wholesome food became more and more of a delicacy and less of an attainable option. This inevitably created ‘food deserts’ in communities all over the nation, and eating useless food became the norm for many Americans. That’s not right. Picker’s Health Investments believes that:

Accessible food should not destroy You or the Earth
Healthy food should not be a scarcity
True ‘Life Cycles’ are sustainable.

We believe in eating living food, in eating your plants when they are freshest so you get the highest quality fuel to perform at your best – the True “Life Cycle”. What we have now is nutrient deficient food, providing insufficient performance. It’s time for a change.


Creating a sustainable agricultural practice that teaches educational agriculture, grows the program into a micro-farm that produces food for the community, by the youth in the schools of that same community became the mission. This is how we envision a true ‘life cycle’. Establishing a system of consistent healthy food growth, education, and financial maintenance will feed the community for a lifetime.


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Avocado tree is in the ground @ Jones High School!

March 24, 2016 The students successfully planted an avocado tree in the Garden of the Tigers.  It was the first tree they planted at the Jones High School living laboratory.  They learned how to dig a proper hole and give the tree enough space to grow. “It seemed harder before anyone showed me,”...
Tomato Patch - Deion

The Tomato Patch is Complete!

March 12, 2016 Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Garden of the Tigers Tomato Patch is complete.  Each student raised their own tomato plant inside the greenhouse then successfully transplanted them into the Tomato Patch.  All the plants survived the transplanting phase and now the nutrient dense tomatoes are on their way!
Ladybug Day

Ladybug Day! Earth Friendly Pest Control

March 3, 2016 Ladybugs are great insects that love to eat garden pests!  Instead of spraying chemicals to remove our problem pests the students released ladybugs inside the greenhouse and got to see a natural (and very effective!) form of pest control. We’re always working hard to limit pest problems and sometimes it...

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