About Us


Here at Picker’s, we are all about helping local communities in their quest for health and wellness in America.  We do this by aiding the development of educational agriculture and local food production in local school systems, community engagements, and urban development. By creating sustainable ecosystems capable of producing healthy, cost effective food for the community, within the community, we help establish a strong foundation for effecting positive change.

Life Skills Through Plant Cultivation

Using the platform of life to inspire growth from within.

We are avid gardeners, athletes and activists that became very concerned about the LACK OF HEALTHY BENEFITS the food we were most exposed to was providing for us, so we picked up the mantle for change in the way we value, care for, and select our food in the 21st Century for both ourselves and others around us (and to do a little research along the way). What we found would help us mold a long-lasting fabric of change.

Through a year of conducting farmer’s markets within multiple YMCA locations in Central Florida, we learned how hard it actually was to ‘BRIDGE THE GAP’ between farmer and customer for more than once a week like any other farmer’s market. The product not holding a sustainable shelf life after picked didn’t help either! The test markets did, however, prove that there is a large demand for organic produce consistently within all communities; the largest preference being in thIMG_0944e food that was most RECENTLY PICKED, LOCALLY HARVESTED, and with NO CHEMICALS along the way.


The BIGGEST CONCERN we found amongst the communities was the scarcity of healthy options and local food distribution within food deserts and areas of financial & nutritional disparity. There wasn’t a healthy food option available for miles around and no one seemed to mind as long as it was cheap and easy.

The mission became clear…

          CREATE A TRULY SUSTAINABLE ECOSYSTEM that teaches educational agriculture, culminate and grow the program into a consistent source of food production inside of the same community! A food system that not only provided consistent healthy food, but taught these healthy practices to the youth and employed the minds of the future to create, run and maintain a sustainable system that fed themselves and their families for a lifetime sounded almost too good to be true.. almost.IMG_0935 File_000 IMG_1029 (1) IMG_1438

We now teach LIFE SKILLS THROUGH PLANT CULTIVATION, where we use the platform of life to inspire growth in Central Florida!


Our mission to REVOLUTIONIZE how people produce and consume food in the 21st century is well on it’s way, and we can continue to do this with your help! Please EMAIL US @ pickershealth@gmail.com to find out more about how YOU can be a part of the Picker’s Food Revolution!